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Mailbox Rental

Mailbox Rentals . . . from $10/month

Private mailbox/mailing address for as low as $10/month!

At CME, you can rent your own personal mailbox with these value-added benefits:

  1. A real Canadian street address, with a Canada Post-assigned postal code. Option to personalize it with a P.O. Box # or a Suite #.
  2. Instant Mail and Package notification by e-mail. Phone-in mail check service also available upon request.
  3. Three mailbox sizes to choose from including Small, Medium & Large.
  4. Various rental terms available to suit your budget and needs. Rent it as low as $10/month.
  5. We receive packages/couriers/C.O.Ds/registered letters on your behalf and sign them off when required.
  6. We accept deliveries from all major courier companies like Fedex, UPS, DHL,Canada Post, Canpar etc.
  7. Mail forwarding & holding service also available with applicable charges.
  8. Use your personal mailing address/mailbox for your home-based business, online and overseas purchases & government & bank documents.